Sip, Socialise & Create. Private Functions and Corporate Events...We come to you

The ultimate social event, no fuss or stress, remember its not fine art its fun art! No experience required and everything is provided, we come to you. Plan a catch up with a group of friends, birthday, hens night, corporate function or just to say thank you to your loyal staff. A real chance to laugh and celebrate, explore your creativity and take you away from the every day. At the end you will be amazed at how easy it was and that you have actually created a piece of art you are proud of. It's easy to get involved and uncork your creativity today.

Our Story

The inspiration began from a life-long love of art and all things creative. There is no  better way to bring people together and help them uncork their creativity. The most rewarding and wondrous experience is to watch those self-professed non creative people and watch them express themselves and create a  piece of art they never thought possible. After many years in the corporate world I noticed a real growing trend towards building  company culture and taking time to laugh with your staff. Those who work and play together can create anything.

When we say “no experience necessary” we really mean no experience required, just be yourself. We give you all the tools and assistance necessary and there is nothing like sipping your favorite glass of bubbles or brew to relax and really pour your art out. You provide the tables, chairs and catering for your event and we do the rest. The only thing we ask of you, is to have fun! That’s it!


Party at Home – Fundraiser –  Corporate Events – Team building

In our busy lives, being a mum/partner/business owner/ work professional, it’s very easy to forget the joy that is found in simple pleasures. Why not get  a group of friends or work mates and linger over a few bottles of wine and nibbles at home or in the office, and paint the day away. Whether it’s a corporate function, your next birthday party, Christmas party or Hens night, we are here to help. If you are over Tuppaware parties and Thermomix demonstrations, or simply want to say thank you to your staff, then go gather the troops and let the fun begin. No artistic talent is required so what’s stopping you?

What’s included

Paint and Pour provide everything you need to be the next Picasso.

  • Brushes and Paint
  • 40 cm x 50 cm canvas
  • Aprons
  • Easels, paint pallets, water cups
  • Good tunes and great vibes
  • Trained artist to guide
What’s not included

Alcohol and Nibbles/snacks .

Helpful hints

What should I wear? – Although you will have an apron on, paint may splash so leave that sequin ball gown in the cupboard and be comfortable

How long are the sessions? – They run for around 3 hours depending on the art piece. You will have the first 10 minutes of the session to fill your glass, greet your mates and get comfortable.

Do I have to be over 18? – please ask us about children’s sessions or events planning.

Do I have to paint what the instructor is painting? – No absolutely not! That’s the fun part. Some works of art are very original and enable you to put your own spin on all your work, we welcome all levels of artistic creativity.

The instructor will take 30 minutes to set up the space and drop cloths and table cloths are provided, and all clean up is done by our friendly staff.


Upcoming Sessions

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